I’m taking a firm stance this week and asking you to STOP BEING NICE. Instead let’s be EXCELLENT.

What’s the difference between nice and excellent? And why am I getting on my donkey about this?

Nice is ok, it’s pleasant, will get you so far, but it’s pretty average right? Vanilla, beige, doesn’t turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd. I’d much rather be hokey pokey with macadamia praline and chocolate sprinkles. Now that sounds excellent, thank you.

The most successful people and organisations will tell you that nice is not enough. A commitment and relentless drive for excellence is the only way to have an impact.

I unravel this further in this video, where I share my thoughts on how being excellent can drive success.

Whether you’re a large organisation working for social impact or an individual change maker, please let go of the nice and evolve into excellence. It’s actually quite liberating.

I’d love to hear your thoughts (and favourite ice cream flavour), get in touch.

Laura Breslin

Laura Breslin is the founder and Director of Dandelion Consulting, a boutique consultancy which builds the capability of not for profit organisations. In this current climate of constant change, Not for Profits need to rethink their models, processes and systems and continuously evolve to be able to serve the people that need them. Laura has 14 years experience in the Not for Profit and Government sectors and has a deep understanding of the sector and the challenges facing organisations. Laura works in partnership with Not for Profits to develop strategic solutions to their complex challenges and to implement change which delivers lasting results.

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