Does your culture enable you to kick your goals and have an impact? Or does it hold you back?

Do you have absolute clarity about the kind of culture that will drive your organisation forwards? And what this looks like in practice?

These are questions that I address in this video blog, where I share my thoughts on the alignment of strategy and culture and why thisĀ is important.

Strategy and culture are enablers of success and can’t be addressed in isolation, however I often see a disconnect between what the organisation wants to achieve (strategy) and the behaviours and values that are needed to bring the strategy to life (culture).

This issue is pertinent to the whole For Purpose spectrum, from large international organisations to solo social entrepreneurs. As your strategy evolves so should your culture and the most successful people and organisations get this right.

If you’re grappling with this challenge, book in for a quick call. I’d love to bounce ideas and discuss how we could work together.




Laura Breslin

Laura Breslin is the founder and Director of Dandelion Consulting, a boutique consultancy which builds the capability of not for profit organisations. In this current climate of constant change, Not for Profits need to rethink their models, processes and systems and continuously evolve to be able to serve the people that need them. Laura has 14 years experience in the Not for Profit and Government sectors and has a deep understanding of the sector and the challenges facing organisations. Laura works in partnership with Not for Profits to develop strategic solutions to their complex challenges and to implement change which delivers lasting results.

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