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How to break free from the band aids

People want to be the best that they can be. Everyone has room to grow. But so often I see people stuck in reactive patterns; blaming, lack of ownership, going round in circles, sticking band aid solutions in the wrong places, and ultimately feeling ineffective. How do we help people to break free? How can […]...

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Stop Being Nice

I’m taking a firm stance this week and asking you to STOP BEING NICE. Instead let’s be EXCELLENT. What’s the difference between nice and excellent? And why am I getting on my donkey about this? Nice is ok, it’s pleasant, will get you so far, but it’s pretty average right? Vanilla, beige, doesn’t turn heads […]...

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Five steps to develop a service model

As a business owner I need to clearly articulate what I do and how I add value to my customers. Like many others, this is something that I’ve struggled with. I know what I do, but how do I communicate this most effectively to those that matter? In a classic ‘lightbulb in the shower’ moment, […]...

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What is Change Management really about?

Just remove the word ‘change’. It’s about management, more importantly, effective management. When change management is successful, it is largely due to the behaviour of Managers and how they skilfully lead their teams through change. I’m not saying that change management frameworks, plans and supporting processes are no...

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Why coaching is the key to organisational change

One of the questions that I am asked repeatedly is ‘why will coaching benefit my organisation?’ My simple answer to this is that coaching facilitates change. The Not for Profit sector is undergoing significant change and organisations need to rethink the way that they operate to be able to survive and continue to deliver ser...

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5 Mindset techniques of successful leaders

Effective leadership is a beautiful blend of innate qualities, learnt skills and a specific mindset. It is the third element, the mindset of leaders that I find particularly fascinating. Successful leaders share a common way of thinking which is unique. It’s like a secret club. Regardless of industry, role or position in h...

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