About Dandelion Consulting

Evolve your organisation to be more effective, efficient and deliver on purpose.

Dandelion Consulting is a Sydney based consultancy specialising in the For Purpose sector. This boutique service was established by Director, Laura to harness the strengths and creativity in the sector and build effectiveness to achieve social impact.

The world is rapidly changing. People and organisations must continuously evolve to be sustainable and have an impact. Policy changes, new technology, competition, consumer choice and the increasing complexity of communities in which we work requires us to think laterally, redefine operating models, adopt new thinking, systems and ways of interacting.

Dandelion Consulting brings strategic insight, multiple perspectives and passion about potential.

I assist you to navigate the complexities of a changing environment and evolve to be more effective, efficient and deliver on purpose.

I partner with organisations to:

Formulate and execute strategy that has an impact

Adapt thinking, models, and processes to stay ahead of the game

Build the capability of leaders to take the organisation forwards

I work with large non-government organisations, social enterprises, small community groups, consortiums, individuals and everything in-between.


My difference

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of the Not for Profit and Government sector.
  • A personalised approach.
  • Diagnostic – cutting to the root issues quickly.
  • Tailored solutions that match your vision.
  • Solutions that are practical, realistic and cost effective.
  • An engaging people focus.
  • Agility, responsiveness and I listen.
  • A creative perspective and a range of options.
  • Dedication to results.
  • Speed, efficiency and excellent customer service.

Experience and Capability

Dandelion Consulting is the third baby of Laura, Director and Founder and passionate change maker. After experiencing close hand the talent, creativity and passion that is alive in the For Purpose sector, Laura founded Dandelion Consulting to mobilise organisations towards sustainable success.

Laura has 14 years experience in the Not for Profit and Government sectors. She has a deep understanding of the sector and the challenges facing organisations. Laura is a strategic thinker and is known for her communication skills, leadership ability and focus on results. She is a people person and is a skilled coach and facilitator.  She has the innate capability to engage people, draw out solutions and facilitate a way forward. Laura is passionate about the way that organisations and their people think and she harnesses strengths to develop new perspectives and achieve positive change.

Laura has held both grass roots, client facing positions and strategic management roles. She has worked in both small and large not for profits, NSW State Government and local Government in the UK.   Laura has a unique combination of technical management skills and creative out of the box thinking.  She is also a certified Wellness Coach and brings her expertise in mindset strategies and personal transformation to deliver cutting edge leadership coaching that facilitates change at an individual and organisational level.

She’s positive, energetic and deeply committed to improving outcomes in communities.

When she’s not at the white board she is cooking yummy vegetarian food, chasing after her two children or is on the yoga mat.


To meet requirements of individual projects and to enhance the services provided by Dandelion Consulting, I work in partnership with a small network of experienced consultants. Details will be discussed upfront with any potential client.